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coLABorate, Unite & Bring Local Businesses Back On Top!

Well. It's a difficult time right now. We got this Covid-19 or as it’s also known as the Coronavirus epidemic happening right now. And it's a scary time. It's...uncertain times and we don't know what's going to happen.

But something else has recently transpired in the last month since the state of Michigan has authorized its shut-in. And that is communities and citizens of this state have united and come together. And it’s wonderful! There has also been an outreach to local businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs.

These are individuals/establishments that have either just started their business or those that have been in business for quite some time. No matter what the case may be people have just come out of the woodwork and really shown their support, unification and wanting to help out these companies out during this struggle.

That's so important right now! They're rallying around these local businesses and business owners and saying, "Hey! We're here for you. We want to support you. We like what you stand for."

Services are being offered at a discounted rate or they're offering some deals...special deals...that can benefit the consumer. Because again, it's tough times right now. A lot of people are unemployed currently. This is a big spike for unemployment.

Know this. There is a community for local businesses and entrepreneurs looking to either start their journey or those who have been established for a while to evolve and continue.

This place is in Mount Clemens and it's in downtown called The Colaborative or also known as The coLAB.

You want to talk about a community that just cares and supports their members and each other? When you walk in that building. You're automatically greeted by a community manager and her name is Jessie and she makes you feel welcome almost immediately. You feel accepted instantly. Even before you introduce yourself, say your name and your company. That's very rare to find!

Now more than ever local businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs need a place like that. Especially once this quarantine is all said and done. Which it will be. Remember. This is just a temporary situation we’re all in and will get through together.

And what's even cooler is that it's a historic building. When you walk in you can already see the history. You can sense it. There's something about historic buildings that you just cannot compare them to because if those walls could talk they could tell a lifetime of stories.

And when this is all over there's going to be even more stories for those walls to tell.

We need places like that. And again. Once this is all said and done The coLAB is going to be there.

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